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According to the Texas State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts, emergency service districts (ESDs) are political subdivisions that can provide fire protection, emergency medical services, or both. ESDs are governed by five commissioners whom the county commissioners court appoints. ESDs are funded through property taxes and can also collect sales tax. They can provide such services directly or via contractual agreements with other organizations.

Johnson City VFD is a non-profit, volunteer entity contracted with ESD 1 in Blanco County to provide fire protection and related rescue services. Likewise, North Blanco County EMS is a non-profit entity under contract with ESD 1, as is the Round Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, also located in northern Blanco County. Fire and EMS services in southern Blanco County are under contract with ESD 2. 

JCVFD serves about 6,300 people in about a 600-square-mile area in the northern half of Blanco County. JCVFD responds to approximately 400 calls annually, including fires, rescues, traffic injuries, and other call types. 

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